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Prepare one or more parts from EYE+, prepared parts can be retrieved later using the command get_part. This command has the same behavior as get_part except that it does not send part coordinates and it does not have a timeout.

The purpose of this command is to fill the list of good candidates so that the get_part command does not need to take an image or make the Asycube vibrate on the next call. This can be done while your robot is performing another task outside of the camera’s field of view. The goal is to save time in the production cycle.


This command is usually called when the robot is moving out of the field of view.

The prepare_part command stops when


If a can_take_image false is sent, it will wait until a can_take_image true is sent to resume operation.


Calling prepare_part will not block the socket until the requested amount of part is available. It will try to prepare the requested amount of parts in the background.

As for get_part, the number of part prepared can be changed using the part_quantity parameter (refer to Table 30). This parameter is set to 1 by default.


Notice that changing part_quantity must be done before calling prepare_part. Changing part_quantity will only be effective starting from new calls to prepare_part.

Usage example

set_parameter part_quantity 2
200 x=0.12345 y=0.11111 rz=0.99 x=0.45678 y=0.22222 rz=180.01