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Access the storage configuration through CONFIGURATION and Storage.


Fig. 189 STORAGE configuration interface

Storage Status

From this interface, you can monitor the status of all storage locations EYE+ has access to. Initially only the internal storage status is reported as remote storage is disabled by default.

For each storage location, you will find how many recipes are currently stored there, as well as some location-specific statistics. Internal storage lets you see how much space is currently used to store all user data (recipes, settings… etc).

Remote storage has a connection status that can either be Disabled, Unable to connect or Connected. This status is directly influenced by the adjacent Remote Storage card. It cannot however report how much free space is remaining, this is left at the discretion of the administrator of the FTP server.

Remote Storage

This allows you to configure and use an FTP server as a way to extend the amount of recipes the EYE+ Controller has access to. To do so, you simply need to provide the required settings and select whether you want to use FTPS in the advanced options.

Once all fields are filled, you can test whether EYE+ is able to establish a connection without any effect on the current connection should it exist, i.e., settings are not saved and will be lost if you leave/reload the page. When you click on the save button, the system will immediately try to establish a connection and several cases may arise:

  • Connection is successful:

    Settings are saved, remote storage is ready to be used.

  • Connection cannot be established or FTP server can be reached but either username or password is incorrect:

    Settings are saved and EYE+ will try to connect to the server at the specified address until either the connection is successful, new settings are provided or remote storage is disabled.

  • Connection can be established but specified directory does not exist or user does not have the required permissions to it:

    Settings are not saved and remote storage is immediately disabled. These settings can only be changed if EYE+ is in the ready state.

More information and some troubleshooting is available here.

Default Storage Location

Only visible when remote storage is enabled. Choose where the system will save new and imported recipes. This can be changed at any time as long as the remote storage is activated.