You are reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 4.3 .


Access the Asycube configuration through CONFIGURATION and Asycube.


Fig. 171 Asycube information if connected

Asycube IP settings

This page provides information about the Asycube detected by EYE+.

Table 27 Default Asycube Ethernet configuration

IP address

Subnet mask



If your Asycube is correctly configured (Table 27), the following information must be displayed:

  • Asycube type: <your Asycube Type>

  • Backlight color: <your Asycube backlight color>

  • Firmware version: <your Asycube current firmware version>

  • IP address:

  • Port: 4001

  • Current status: Connected


Current status: Disconnected: First check if the cable is correctly connected between the Asycube and the EYE+ Controller.

If it is correctly connected, your Asycube is probably no longer configured with the default IP address and port. You must change the configuration of the Asycube to match the Table 27. If you need help, please contact us.

Asycube Purge

If your Asycube is compatible with the Asyril purging system (sold separately), a new section will be visible. In it, you will be able to enable the system and set whether the flap is on the right or left side of the platform. This parameter is critical as the system will use the corresponding Asycube vibration when purging.


Fig. 172 Asycube purge settings once enabled


You will also find the flap motor cycle count, defined as the number of open/close cycles the motor has performed since its installation. We recommend changing this motor after 20 000 cycles.

Table 28 Purging system compatibility matrix

Asycube Type

Firmware version

Asycube 240


Asycube 380


Asycube 530



Asycubes 50 & 80 are not supported.


Should you need to uninstall the purging system from your Asycube, please remember to disable it.


When executing a start production if the purging flap is detected as still open, EYE+ will try to close it first and will return an error codes if it cannot do so (non-functioning sensor, part stuck in the opening, faulty actuator…etc). You may face the same issue if you have uninstalled the purging system but not disabled it. Disable it first and try again.


On Asycube 240, the purging system uses the second set of IO connectors, meaning a second hopper cannot be triggered through the Asycube directly when the purge is enabled. Consider using the EYE+ box GPIO instead.