You are reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 4.3 .

EYE+ Studio 1.3

EYE+ Studio 1.3.0

New Features

Dashboard with statistics

The production dashboard now displays some charts showing statistics about current production.

Available charts:

  • Number of good parts

  • Time to first parts

  • Feed Rate

  • Pick Rate

  • Part Distribution

  • Production Timeline

Check Production dashboard for more details about these new charts.


  • Detect browser version and display a special page if version is not supported.

  • Notify the user with an alarm banner in case the connection with the camera or Asycube is lost. Display another banner when the connection is back. Use same notification system to notify about Asycube alarms.


  • Camera: Display information whether the camera is connected or not.

  • Robot: The line delimiter can now be configured. See TCP Configuration.


  • Add a tooltip when the system is in error state informing whether the camera or the Asycube are disconnected.


  • Server error codes: Add error 502 when an Asycube alarm is raised

  • Divide the execution time of the candidate detection step by about two.

  • Candidates closer to the center of the plate are now handled with higher priority during vision analysis in order to increase the probability of finding a good part quickly.

Recipe wizard


  • Disable watchdog while system is upgrading. This prevents unexpected reboots during the upgrade.



  • Improve the accuracy of the pick point detection.

TCP/IP Communication

Resolved Issues


  • Fix an issue where large backup would show an error.

  • Allow to reboot the controller even if the system is in the Error state.

  • Acquisition lighting settings: Fix an issue with save/cancel button not updating after disabling a lighting.

  • System upgrade: Refresh the page after 10 minutes in case the interface did not detect the reconnection after reboot.

  • The camera link could not always be established at system startup, requiring a system reboot. The general link stability has been improved.

  • Fix an issue where trying to upgrade the system using the ROBOT port would fail.

  • Fix an issue where enabled lighting was not refreshing properly in live streams.


  • Home: fix incorrect part angle in the table shown on the dashboard.

  • Fix issue causing browser to take all memory available and finally crash after running for a long time.

Hand-eye calibration wizard


Recipe wizard

  • Import recipe: Update the modification date when changing the identifier or name during import.

  • Prevent closing the recipe on refresh of the page if no changes were made.

  • 2. Candidate Detection: Fix an issue in Advanced options where the noise filter value was not saved if input directly by keyboard.

  • Result Steps: Fix seeing old images when refreshing results rapidly.

  • 4.2 Pick Point Positioning, 5.2 Pick Angle Positioning: Fix an issue preventing to draw the lines on the part.

  • 5.2 Pick Angle Positioning: It was not possible to go to the next step if the angle reference was set to exactly 90°. This is fixed now.

  • 7.3 Vibration Sequence: Fix display issue and add a warning message if the system was unable to compute the fill percentage or center of mass.