You are reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 4.3 .

EYE+ Studio 2.0

EYE+ Studio 2.0.0

New Features


Dualfeeding enables new use-cases, allowing the system to feed two different parts using a single Asycube.

This feature has some requirements:

  • An Asycube 240/380/530 (not supported on 50/80)

  • A split plate

  • Two hoppers, one for each part type

  • A specific license (sold separately)

Recipe Qualification

In order to evaluate the performance to be expected from a recipe, a new qualification wizard was developed.

The recipe qualification wizard is designed to test your recipe over several runs (vibration + vision) and presents you the results so you can easily see how you can tweak it to improve performance.

It is accessible from RECIPES, using the new qualify (qualify) action.


  • A banner will appear on top of the Dashboard, Recipes, Configuration and Help pages if a new EYE+ Studio version is available.


  • System upgrade: Add a button to search for EYE+ Studio updates.

  • System factory reset: Add an option to do a factory reset of the controller.

  • Licensing: Add a card to add and manage the available licenses on EYE+ Controller.



  • Reduce the amount of false positive when checking for gripper collision. The picked part was sometimes detected as an obstacle.

  • Create a separate communication server for TCP/IP to prevent it from being blocked when a lot of EYE+ Studio tabs were opened.

Resolved Issues


  • Fix issue where acquiring lots of new images in all the different wizards could prevent saving the current step (e.g. saving a recipe).

  • Fix camera error when acquiring images with exposure times several seconds long.

  • Fix a crash observed when an abnormally long bounding box is detected as valid candidate.

  • Fix an issue where a recipe imported from an older version (<1.3.0) could display wrong images.


  • Fix an issue that caused the running time to be calculated wrongly if the load on the page was high.

  • Fix incorrect pick rate computation in some cases.

  • Fix incorrect time to first part computation.

  • Fix incorrect display of scale in picture.


  • Fix an issue that caused the system to deadlock after several hours/days when using frontlight.

  • Fix an issue where system could block if stop production was called during start production.

Recipe wizard