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Asycube connection

Connect the Asycube Ethernet communication to the EYE+ Controller Asycube RJ45 Ethernet port with an Ethernet cable. The Ethernet cable should be at least Cat5e SF/UTP. See the operating manual to get more information about Asycube 50, 80, 240, 380, 530.


This cable can be supplied on request by Asyril in different lengths (2m, 5m, 10m, 15m, 20m).

Asycube specifications

The default Asycube port configuration on the EYE+ Controller side is the one presented in Table 14.

Table 14 EYE+ Controller default Asycube Ethernet configuration

Ethernet port

IP address

Subnet mask



If you changed the IP address of your Asycube, EYE+ will not be able to connect to it. You can refer to section Asycube IP settings to check the Asycube connection.

If your Asycube does not have the correct IP address, refer to Asycube Operating Manual (50, 80, 240, 380, 530) to set it back to its default IP address.