You are reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 4.3 .

Create your first recipe

What is a recipe?

A recipe contains the vision and the vibration parameters for a specific part.

When a recipe is configured correctly, the system will be able to:

  • Detect all the pickable parts.

  • Optimally handle the feeding of new parts on the Asycube.

  • Orient and separate the parts efficiently.

Create a recipe step by step

The recipe wizard is designed to create a recipe for your specific part and your specific Asycube. It is divided into 7 steps. The first 6 steps are dedicated to the vision part and the last step to the Asycube vibration part.


Access recipe wizard

From the dashboard view of EYE+ Studio, go to RECIPES and click on CREATE NEW RECIPE.

Create your first recipe

Follow the wizard step by step. Once it is done, you should see your first recipe in the list of recipe from RECIPES page (Fig. 10). Keep in mind the identifier of your recipe for the last step of the quick start.


Fig. 10 Recipes list

You have created your first recipe.

Now you are ready to perform the hand-eye calibration.


Further information on recipes can be found in the chapter Recipes.