Create your first recipe

What is a recipe?

A recipe contains the vision and the vibration parameters for a specific part.

When a recipe is configured correctly, the system will be able to:

  • Detect all the pickable parts.

  • Optimally handle the feeding of new parts on the Asycube.

  • Orient and separate the parts efficiently.

Create a recipe step by step

The recipe wizard is designed to create a recipe for your specific part used on the Asycube. It is divided into 7 steps.

The first 6 steps are dedicated to the vision part and the last step to the Asycube vibration part. If your system is equipped with a purge system, there is an optional 8th step to configure it.



Refer to Multi-model or Multi-feeding if you have purchased either one of these licenses.

Access recipe wizard

Creating a recipe is the second step of the onboarding tool (Fig. 12). From the HOME page, simply click on CREATE NEW RECIPE to open the wizard.


Fig. 12 HOME page onboarding - Step 2 - Recent Recipes

You can also access it from the RECIPES page. Click on RECIPES and then on CREATE NEW RECIPE.

Hopper configuration


If you have an Asycube 50 or 80, you can skip to the next section as the hopper is integrated in the Asycube.

Before you can create a recipe, you need to set a hopper configuration. A dialog (Fig. 13) will inform you whether the hopper configuration is missing before opening the recipe wizard.


Fig. 13 Dialog informing you that the hopper configuration is missing

Click on ACCESS HOPPER CONFIGURATION and then on START CONFIGURATION. Follow the Hopper configuration mini-wizard to the end to configure your hopper.

Then, you can open the recipe wizard to create your first recipe.

Create your first recipe

Follow the wizard step by step. Once it is done, you should see your first recipe in the list of recipe from RECIPES page (Fig. 14). Keep in mind the identifier of your recipe for the last step of the quick start.


Fig. 14 Recipes list


Further information on recipes can be found in the chapter Recipes.

If you go back to the HOME page, you will notice that the second step is completed (Fig. 15).


Fig. 15 HOME page onboarding - A recipe has been created

Now you are ready to perform the hand-eye calibration.