You are reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 4.3 .

EYE+ Studio 3.2

EYE+ Studio 3.2.0

Released on 2022-10-11

New Features

Support for Analog Hoppers

It is now possible to select Analog as an output type for the Asycube Output in addition to Digital in 7.2 Hopper Tuning. In case of an analog output, the amplitude can be set between 0 and 10V.


In addition to supporting TCP/IP and EtherCAT messaging to communicate with the EYE+ Controller, the EtherNet/IP Fieldbus is now supported through an optional Fieldbus module. See Module overview for more information on how to set up and configure it for production.


This module is optional and can be ordered alongside your EYE+ system. Should you want to add it to an existing one, please contact your local Asyril representative.


Qualification wizard

  • 2. Runs: Add a button to display an overview of the current run with more detailed information.

  • 3. Results: A histogram has been added at the bottom of the “Run statistics” area. This histogram displays the distribution of the time to first part for the different runs. If a run doesn’t have any good part, the duration of the vibration + vision will be added to the next run.



  • Boot time has been improved. Instead of waiting up to 2 minutes for something to be detected on each Ethernet port, EYE+ now only checks the Camera and Asycube ports.

  • Recipes list: The recipe list loads faster as data is cached instead of being computed each time.

  • EYE+ states: EYE+ state machine has been improved to better handle System Migration and Backup/Restore.


  • Improved dashboard performance so all bits of information appear in sync.

  • Time to first part now includes the time taken by the vibration sequence. If no good part is found during an analysis, the time it took will be added to the next analysis for a more accurate value. This modification is also present in the qualification wizard.


  • Improved overall performance of EYE+ when a Fieldbus module is installed.

Qualification wizard

  • 3. Results: Reduce the time needed to display the Pick Rate graph.

Recipe wizard

Resolved Issues


  • Recipes list: Fix an issue where exporting a recipe with special characters in the recipe name would result in an empty file.

  • Fix an issue where zooming into images using the mouse wheel was not always smooth.

Camera Configuration wizard

  • Fix an issue where the calibration would fail if a video stream was already running.


  • Fix an issue that caused image acquisition to be possible even though can_take_image <boolean> was set to false.

  • Fix an issue where unnecessary calls to Asycube were made before running any action in the vibration sequence.

  • Fix an issue during production when a frontlight is in use. EYE+ would abnormally take two minutes to respond to the first get_part under certain circumstances.

  • Fix an issue where production could be started if the purging flap was still open. The system will now try to close it first.

Recipe wizard