You are reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 4.3 .

EYE+ Studio 3.0

EYE+ Studio 3.0.1

Released on 2022-05-03

Resolved Issues

  • Fixes some internal production values that prevented the factory installation for the new batch of devices.

It is not necessary for customer having version EYE+ Studio 3.0.0 to upgrade to 3.0.1.

EYE+ Studio 3.0.0

Released on 2022-04-28

New Features


In addition to supporting TCP/IP messaging to communicate with the EYE+ Controller, the EtherCAT protocol is now supported through an optional Fieldbus module. See Module overview for more information on how to set up and configure it for production.


This module is optional and can be ordered alongside your EYE+ system. Should you want to add it to an existing one, please contact your local Asyril representative.

Hardware AI accelerator support

Future revisions of the EYE+ Controller will support hardware AI acceleration. This can dramatically improve the performance of the candidate selection step, making the whole image analysis and time to first part faster when candidate selection is used. This new version of EYE+ Studio brings software compatibility for it.


After installing this new version, you can see if your EYE+ Controller revision supports this feature in the Help section. If it is, the accelerator will be immediately active without any configuration required.

Parallel timeline in vibration sequence:

As a means of improving vibration performance, a new parallel mode is being introduced in this version for the vibration sequence. It allows you to start both hopper and platform vibrations simultaneously in an effort to reduce the total time taken by the sequence, as described here.

TCP/IP Communication:

  • hand-eye calibration can now be fully performed using TCP/IP commands. See Hand-eye calibration commands for more information on what commands are available and how to use them.


Hand-eye calibration

  • The general precision of the calibration algorithm was improved. Open the Hand-eye calibration wizard and jump to 6. Hand-Eye Calibration Results to recompute the transformation matrix with the existing vision and robot points. Test the results and if they are satisfying, save the calibration.

Resolved Issues


  • Fix an issue where actions that can take a while to complete like exporting the logs or creating a system backup would be wrongly indicated as having failed in the interface while actually still being in progress.

  • Fix an issue where exporting system or communication logs could corrupt a recipe.

  • Fix an issue where exporting system or communication logs failed caused by too many recipes in the system.

  • Fix an issue on Google Chrome where some texts should appear vertically but still were written horizontally.

Qualification wizard

  • Fix an issue where inputting a robot cycle time with a decimal value of 1 was not computing the cycle time simulation.

  • Fix an issue where NaN was sometimes displayed instead of values and the timeline was missing.


  • Fix non-working stop camera_configuration command.

  • Fix an issue in multi-feeding production where smart feeding calculating a very short hopper duration would prevent any further vibrations.

Recipe wizard

  • Fix behavior of the zoom when using scroll on the mouse.

  • 5.2 Pick Angle Positioning: Fix reducing of the pick angle arrows size when zooming.

  • 7.1 Platform Tuning: Limit lower vibration duration to 100ms to prevent an infinite vibration duration.

  • 7.1 Platform Tuning: Fix an issue where a continuous vibration was not stopped if the user left the page without clicking on the stop button.


  • Fix an issue where the button to export the license was not working properly.

  • Fix estimated backup size that was not computed correctly.