You are reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 4.3 .

EYE+ Studio 4.1

EYE+ Studio 4.1.1

Released on 2023-07-12

Resolved Issues


  • Fix an issue where, under specific conditions, a new recipe could not be saved.

  • Fix an issue where some images would be missing from a recipe after importing it and rebooting the EYE+ Controller.

EYE+ Studio 4.1.0

Released on 2023-06-15

New Features

Remote Storage

  • EYE+ now has the ability to connect to a compatible FTP server to store recipes. With this feature, one EYE+ Controller can have access to more memory to store even more recipes. Please get familiar with Storage and Remote storage to get started with this feature.


  • Starting with version 4.1, your EYE+ automatically advertises its IP address and other information. An external tool is available to locate your EYE+, see EYE+ Locator.

Camera Configuration

Recipe wizard


EYE+ Studio

  • Camera and Lighting cards have now been merged into a new card, see Vision.

  • Recipes: The maximum number of recipes is now computed dynamically (at least 150 MiB must be available to create a new recipe). Additionally a warning is shown if 90% of the storage is full.

  • The detection of a blocked live view has been improved and the interface will now properly display an error or use a fallback depending on the situation.

  • EYE+ Studio will now block the user from browsing the application when the system is in Migration Error by displaying a dialog inviting them to check the camera and Asycube connection.


  • Interrupting a Get Part with a Stop Production will no longer yield the error 510.

Resolved Issues


  • Fixed an issue where closing a recipe could sometimes display an error message.

Camera Configuration

  • Fixed an issue where exporting the full-resolution image using the right-click menu resulted in an error.


  • Fixed an issue where the time to first part was wrongly computed when parallel vibration mode was used.


  • Fixed an issue where sending a stop purge while the system is in Production would make the system behave out of specifications.

Recipe wizard

  • Fixed an issue where exporting an image in the recipe wizard was causing the name to contain undefined instead of the recipe identifier.

  • 1.2 Image Acquisition: Fixed an issue where re-acquiring the initial image database would not clear all models in a multi-model recipe.

  • 3.3 Candidate Classification: Fixed an issue when classifying candidates in a multi-model recipes would display a prompt to apply the classification before all models actually had the required number of samples.

  • 7. Vision Results: Fixed an issue where the menu for exporting the images was not enabled on this page.