You are reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 4.3 .

EYE+ Studio 3.3

EYE+ Studio 3.3.0

Released on 2023-01-17

New Features


In order to continuously extend the ways to communicate with the EYE+ Controller, the EtherNet/IP protocol is now supported through an optional Fieldbus module. See Module overview for more information on how to set up and configure it for production.


This module is optional and can be ordered alongside your EYE+ system. Should you want to add it to an existing one, please contact your local Asyril representative.

  • Preferences: It is now possible to set time format as a user preference.



  • Improve acquisition order in production, backlight acquisitions are prioritized first followed by frontlight.


  • Prevent the user from using the Import recipe functionality when the system is in a state where this is not possible.

Resolved Issues


  • Import recipe: Fix an issue where pressing the Enter key while renaming a recipe after import would not validate the new name but refresh the page instead.

  • Fix an issue where the configured timezone was in some cases ignored and time was displayed in UTC instead.

  • Fix an issue where, after a restart, Restart controller would keep displaying a loader until the page is refreshed.

  • Fix an issue where an error message saying that rebooting the controller failed would be wrongly displayed after a successful restart.


  • Fix an issue where an Asycube disconnection while in production would trigger unknown errors.

Recipe wizard

  • 3.3 Candidate Classification: Fix an issue where, when having used Reset all during candidate classification, the dialog suggesting that the candidate database does not contain enough parts would appear, even if there are still candidates left to classify.

  • 4.3 Results: Fix an issue where the results table would display a score of 0% for candidates that are rejected at this step when acquiring the image.

  • 5.2 Pick Angle Positioning: Fix an issue where not all features would be visible on screen due to a suboptimal minimum zoom level.

  • 7.1 Platform Tuning: Fix a sporadic issue, where an error would appear when entering this page, saying that the system was unable to select the vibration set.

  • 7.3 Vibration Sequence: Fix an issue where moving the mouse cursor at the right side of a vibration sequence item would display a hand icon, but grabbing and moving the item would not be possible.

  • Fix an issue where the bounding box of the preselected candidate would not be highlighted when arriving for the first time on a result page.


  • Fix an issue where the syncing the system date and time with the browser failed at the first trial.

  • Fix an issue where, when upgrading the system using Google Chrome, the system would reboot a second time when closing the upgrade wizard.