You are reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 4.3 .

Electrical interfaces

EYE+ Controller can be connected to:

  • Power supply

  • Asycube

  • Camera

  • Robot or PLC to work in production

  • Computer or company network for configuration

  • Frontlight

The overall connections are presented in Fig. 36.


Fig. 36 EYE+ wiring diagram


Communication cables can be ordered in different lengths depending on your needs.

EYE+ inputs/outputs

Four Ethernet connectors are available on EYE+ Controller :

  • 3 for device connections: Robot, Asycube, Camera

  • 1 for direct/indirect communication with your EYE+ Controller: Configuration

Table 21 shows the default Ethernet configuration.

Table 21 EYE+ Controller Default Ethernet configuration

Ethernet port

Device connected

IP address

Subnet mask


Robot or PLC





Config 1

Computer or company network


Port Config can be changed to DHCP mode (Network interfaces settings).

Fig. 37 shows the different connectors on both sides of the EYE+ Controller.


Fig. 37 EYE+ Controller connections

(A) Robot or PLC RJ45 Ethernet port

(B) Asycube RJ45 Ethernet port

(C) Configuration RJ45 Ethernet port to access EYE+ Studio from your computer or company network.

(D) Camera PoE port

(E) Frontlight connector

(F) EYE+ Controller Power connector