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7. Asycube Configuration


Fig. 120 Asycube Configuration overview

Optimal configuration of hopper and Asycube vibrations yields new pickable parts as fast as possible. You have to configure the hopper and the Asycube individually.

  • Optimal hopper vibration must provide fast and a consistent amount of parts falling onto the Asycube. It is important that the same number of parts fall onto the Asycube with the same vibration duration.

  • Optimal Asycube vibrations must provide fast and regular displacements in each direction. Regular displacement means that the parts must move in the expected direction for each vibration direction.

The vibration sequence is defined based on the configured vibrations. When the system is in Production state and there are no more pickable parts available on the Asycube, the vibration sequence will begin when a get_part or prepare_part command is called.