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The command force_take_image forces EYE+ to acquire an image as soon as possible.

Especially used in conjunction with prepare_part and get_part.

Each time the force_take_image command is called, an image is acquired and an image analysis is performed to find the coordinates of all good candidates. It will erase the complete list of previously saved coordinates and replace them with the new ones. This command ensures the validity of the part coordinates for robot picking.


This command should be used during the production state when the parts move due to known external disturbances (e.g. when the robot takes or places parts or simply moves).

Particular situations

  • If the image analysis does not find enough parts (defined by the part_quantity parameter), the force_take_image command will behave like a prepare_part command.

  • If an image acquisition or analysis is in progress when force_take_image is called, it will interrupt the current one and perform another image acquisition with analysis.

  • If a vibration sequence is in progress and a force_take_image is called, it will not interrupt the vibration sequence, but it will take an image and proceed an analysis right after the vibration sequence.

Usage example