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Force take image

The scenario with the command force_take_image is used when you know that the parts on the Asycube will move because of some external disturbances. The disturbances can occur during the pick or place of a part, or simply during a robot movement.

The command force_take_image is then useful to ensure the coordinates of the parts by taking another image after the known disturbances. Refer to Fig. 205 for a straightforward integration with a get_part command.


If the parameter can_take_image is set to false, the command force_take_image will not start.


Fig. 205 force_take_image with get_part: 2 possibilities


The left scenario in Fig. 205 follows these steps:

  1. [Move robot out of field of view]: Before calling the get_part command, you have to ensure that nothing obstructs the camera view.

  2. [get_part]: Call the get_part command, it will either make the Asycube vibrate and take a picture, or send you directly the coordinates of a part.

  3. [Pick part]: Pick the part. When the part is picked up, the robot touches the Asycube and makes the remaining parts move.

  4. [force_take_image]: Force EYE+ to take an image to adapt the coordinates already stored in memory with their new position.

  5. Start again from step 1. The cycle stops when EYE+ receives the command stop production.