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Access the Asycube configuration through CONFIGURATION and Asycube.


Fig. 133 Asycube information if connected

Asycube IP settings

This page provide you information about the detected Asycube by EYE+.

Table 25 Default Asycube Ethernet configuration

IP address

Subnet mask



If your Asycube is correctly configured (Table 25), the following information must be displayed:

  • Asycube type: <your Asycube Type>

  • Backlight color: <your Asycube backlight color>

  • Firmware version: <your Asycube current firmware version>

  • IP address:

  • Port: 4001

  • Current status: Connected


Current status: Disconnected: First check if the cable is correctly connected between the Asycube and the EYE+ Controller.

If it is correctly connected, your Asycube is probably no longer configured with the default IP address and port. You must change the configuration of the Asycube to match the Table 25. If you need help, please contact us.