You are reading an old version of this documentation. If you want up-to-date information, please have a look at 4.3 .

EYE+ Studio 4.2

EYE+ Studio 4.2.1

Released on 2023-12-05



  • Upgrade dualfeeding license to Multi-feeding. Users with a dualfeeding license can now do multi-feeding with up to 4 parts (instead of 2 before).

Recipe wizard

  • 7.2 Hopper Tuning: Remove the maximum value while setting the optimal number of parts.

Resolved Issues


  • Fix an issue where, using certain browser and operating system combinations, the live stream was not working properly.


  • Fix an issue where very short Asycube vibrations (<100ms) in recipes may not be executed during the vibration sequence.


  • Fix an issue where calling stop purge right after another purge command could yield an error.

Qualification wizard

  • 3. Results: Fix an issue where the parts rejected by the pick angle (exclusion range) were not displayed.

Recipe wizard

Camera Configuration

EYE+ Studio 4.2.0

Released on 2023-09-05

New Features


Multi-feeding enables new use-cases, allowing the system to feed up to 4 different parts using a single Asycube.

This feature requires:

  • An Asycube 240/380/530 (not supported on 50/80)

  • A split plate

  • One hopper for each part type

  • A specific license (sold separately)


EYE+ already supports TCP/IP, EtherCAT and EtherNet/IP messaging to communicate with the EYE+ Controller, this version introduces support for the PROFINET protocol. This feature requires an optional Fieldbus module. See Module overview for more information on how to set up and configure it for production.


This module is optional and can be ordered alongside your EYE+ system. Should you want to add it to an existing one, please contact your local Asyril representative.

Recipe wizard

  • 7.3 Vibration Sequence: Add option to import a vibration sequence from another recipe.

  • Advanced options: Add the ability to set a custom region of interest to restrict the area EYE+ will look for candidates. This can help separate candidates from background in some cases.

  • 5.3 Results: Add option to set up to four angular exclusion ranges.


Recipe wizard

  • Limit the hopper analogue output to 5% increments only.

EYE+ Studio

  • The default language when accessing EYE+ Studio comes from your browser’s default settings.

  • When a connection to an FTP server is configured, the password can no longer be seen by user.

System Configuration

  • Improve behavior of the factory reset: it will forcefully delete all data, regardless of the current configuration and recipes.

Resolved Issues


  • Fix an issue where, under certain circumstances, the system would not delete some images during Camera Configuration, Hand-eye Calibration and Recipe Edition.

Recipe wizard

  • 3. Candidate Selection: Fix an issue where the vibration in Candidate Classification would not use default parameters.

  • 7. Asycube Configuration: Fix an issue where the same Asycube output could be used to control two different hopper in multi-feeding.

  • Fix an issue where renaming the recipe to the same name would show an error.

  • 7.2 Hopper Tuning: Fix an issue where the wrong analogue hopper output would be used when feeding new parts in multi-feeding.

Qualification wizard

  • Fix an issue where an error message would pop up when opening a recipe stored on an FTP server