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Access the robot configuration through CONFIGURATION and Robot.


Fig. 134 Robot configuration interface

The hand-eye calibration card informs you about the current state of the Hand-eye calibration wizard wizard and allows you to open it.

Three variants of the interface are possible:

  • No hand-eye calibration performed (Fig. 135)


Fig. 135 No hand-eye calibration performed

  • Hand-eye calibration in progress (Fig. 136)


Fig. 136 Hand-eye calibration in progress

  • Hand-eye calibration already performed (Fig. 137)


Fig. 137 Hand-eye calibration already performed

If the hand-eye calibration was already performed, some information regarding last hand-eye calibration is available:

  • Last calibration date

  • Calibration recipe

  • Part height

  • Calibration accuracy

Access hand-eye calibration wizard

Click on START HAND-EYE CALIBRATION WIZARD or OPEN HAND-EYE CALIBRATION WIZARD to access the Hand-eye calibration wizard wizard.