EYE+ Locator

The EYE+ Locator is a small portable tool that is capable of locating all your EYE+ connected to the same network as your computer running the tool.

The locator presents all the EYE+ on the same network as an intuitive list. From the list, you can directly access your EYE+.


Please note that it takes a few seconds for EYE+ Locator to locate all the EYE+ on the network.

Once your EYE+ present in the list, simply click on OPEN IN BROWSER to open EYE+ Studio in your favorite browser.

The button FIND EYE+ ON NETWORK triggers a new scan of the network.


Only EYE+ installed with, at least, version 4.1 can be located on the network.


Please refer to section EYE+ Locator Download for downloading the tool.