Hand-eye calibration

What is hand-eye calibration?

The aim of the hand-eye calibration is to transform the detected parts X,Y coordinates from the vision frame to the robot frame. Thanks to this, when the robot asks for the coordinates of a part, it is directly in its frame. Hand-eye calibration is performed by pairing four points detected by vision with the four corresponding robot positions.


The robot frame must be aligned with the plane of the surface of the Asycube plate.

Access the hand-eye calibration wizard

The hand-eye calibration is the third step of the onboarding tool (Fig. 12). From the HOME page, simply click on START HAND-EYE CALIBRATION to open the wizard.


Fig. 16 HOME page onboarding - Step 3 - Hand-Eye Calibration

You can also access it from the CONFIGURATION page. Click on CONFIGURATION, then on Robot and finally on START HAND-EYE CALIBRATION WIZARD.

Perform hand-eye calibration

Follow the wizard steps to perform the hand-eye calibration.


Further information on hand-eye calibration can be found in the chapter Hand-eye calibration wizard.

If you go back to the HOME page, you will notice that the last step is also complete (Fig. 17) and the onboarding stepper has disappeared.


Fig. 17 HOME page - Onboarding complete

You are now ready to get your first part position! Move on to the next step.