The HELP page delivers system information and support tools for troubleshooting.


Fig. 232 HELP main page


In this about card, you will find:

  • Software version: Gives information about the current version of the EYE+ system, can be upgraded through System upgrade.

  • Hardware version: Indicates the version of the EYE+ Controller Hardware. It is followed by the revision of the EYE+ Controller cover.

  • EYE+ CPU Serial Number: Indicates the serial number of the EYE+ Controller CPU. This can be asked by Asyril support team to get more information about your system.

  • Hardware AI Accelerator status: Indicates whether your EYE+ Controller has a hardware AI accelerator installed.

The EYE+ Controller can be restarted using the button RESTART CONTROLLER.

Help tools

These tools can help you troubleshoot your problem: