Electrical interfaces

The EYE+ Controller must be connected to :

  • Power supply

  • Asycube

  • Camera

Furthermore, several other interfaces are available to connect:

  • Robot or PLC for production

  • Computer or company network for configuration

  • Frontlight

  • Hopper(s) (Asyfill smart hopper, standard hopper or other feeding devices)


Fig. 46 EYE+ overall wiring diagram (cover rev. 1)


Communication cables can be ordered in different lengths depending on your needs.

Connector Overview

The EYE+ Controller has connectors on both sides to connect the devices mentioned above.


Fig. 48 EYE+ Controller connections (cover rev. 1)

(A) Ethernet Connections RJ45 Ethernet ports

(B) GPIO connector

(C) Frontlight connector

(D) Power supply connector

(E) USB connectors, used for System backup and System restore

(F) Optional Fieldbus Module