Example - Siemens TIA Portal

This section gives an example of a simple integration of EYE+ with the PROFINET module in Siemens TIA Portal.


Before you start, please make sure you have downloaded the following files:
  • EYE+ PROFINET GSDML file (Electronic datasheet)

  • TIA Portal sample code

These files can be downloaded from PROFINET Downloads.

Once you have downloaded the necessary files, please follow the steps described in Before you start.

Basic integration

First, import the TIA sample code.


Fig. 271 Import TIA sample code library


Fig. 272 Select .al16 file

Import all of the following prerequisites in your TIA project:


Fig. 273 Drag the library files to your project

Finally, map the imported variables to your EYE+ I/O by assigning them the correct address, as displayed in TIA, in the EYE+ Device Overview.

In this example the inputs start at %I124.0 and the output at %Q126.0. These addresses vary depending on the EYE+ position in your PROFINET network.


Fig. 274 Note the I/O addresses of your EYE+ device


Fig. 275 Map the correct address to the imported structures

You can now use the library’s function blocks. The function blocks are only a sample, allowing basic control of the EYE+ Controller, namely starting a production and getting your first parts for a recipe that was previously created on your EYE+ Controller. To do that, in the FB sample, set udRecipeID to the ID of that recipe, then set boStart to True. The coordinates of the part found are stored under reRobotTargetX, reRobotTargetY and reRobotTargetRz.